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LPW is an American Company. We are warehouse and distribution Center. We are third-party logistics or 3PL company. LPW provides Short/ Long term storage, Unloading/ Loading Shipment, etc.


"We take care of your merchandise as our own. All items are on pallets and stored on racks. Well counted and detail control" by Lisa

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Distribution Center and Services

  •  In & Out  + pallet cost           

  • Pick and Pack   including packaging material

  • UPS/FedEx/DHL   + freight         

  • Labeling  + label cost                  

  • Repalletize Shrink Wrap              

  • Warehouse Storage:  Weekly / Monthly                                        


Ocean Container Unloading / Loading

  • 20 FT   Price per container load

  • 40 FT   Price per container load

  • 40 FT High Cube   Price per container load

  • 45 FT   Price per container load

  • 48/53 FT   Price per trailer load                        ​








LPW is a firm that provides outsourced logistics services to client companies for part, or all of the sellers, especially e-commerce sellers, supply chain management functions. 

LPW is your third-party logistics partner—warehousing and shipping product on your behalf. This allows your company to focus on manufacturing, marketing, an d selling your product. We take away the worries of warehousing and logistics while letting you focus on growing your business.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of money you can save by using a 3PL company like LPW. If you a re currently using a different 3PL company, LPW may be a better fit for you, your company, and your customers because we’ve designed custom 3PL software to streamline your operations. We also collaborate with you to create an effective, cost-efficient plan that’s right for your business.

LPW is your new home for shipping and delivery. Our multiple warehouses located domestically and internationally allow us to make quick-to-the- door deliveries. Using the four major international delivery services through air, sea, road and rail, we make sure your parcel(s) are shipped anywhere you desire giving you excellent and efficient service. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for you to select your shipping and delivery options with just a few clicks. 

Order Fulfillment
 R.F.I.D. (Radio Frequency Identification)
 On-line inventory (Update daily)
 Pull orders / open box fulfillment
 Print and apply labels (UCC-128 label, carton label, barcode label…etc)
 UPS/FedEx/DHL order preparation
 E-store - over 500 orders daily (currently handled)

 Racking systems
 Familiar with all major retailers’ logistics guidelines and compliances.
 Daily shipments to Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, BestBuy, Circuit City, Rite-Aid…etc.


Public Storage / Warehousing
 Cross-dock unloading/loading
 Weekly / monthly storage

Pick & Pack
 Simple commercial packaging
 Plastic sealing
 Re-work on products/merchandises
 Ticketing / labeling / price stickers


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FACILITIES AND PEOPLE If possible, visit the potential pick and pack warehouse, or in the very least, speak with as many employees as possible by phone to get further acquainted with the company. Pay close attention to your interactions — the way they respond to you will likely be similar to how they respond to you and your customers after you start working with them. If possible, get a demo on any systems that will be used. It’s good to have a full idea of their capabilities before making a commitment. SPECIALIZATION Warehousing and fulfillment companies usually specialize in certain types of projects. For example, some companies are quite proficient at e-commerce fulfillment, while others focus on B2B projects. Finding out what types of verticals potential warehousing and fulfillment providers specialize in will assist you in selecting one that best suits your needs. LENGTH OF CONTRACT There is no right or wrong answer as it relates to length of contract. You just need to be clear on what is expected and how long it is to be expected. If the situation dictates, can you get out of your contract, and if so, at what cost? Be sure to outline in the contract the extent to which they cover loss of product/mis-shipments, etc. TRACK RECORD Always check online for any reviews of your prospective Pick and Pack warehouse, good or bad. It’s good to know how other vendors and customers view a company before getting into a commitment. Also, check on how long they have been in the business. TESTIMONIALS Don’t be afraid to get testimonials from other clients. People love to share their experiences when it comes to doing business. They may also be able to provide some useful tips. If you have questions, be sure to ask. WHO PAYS FOR ERRORS It’s not a matter of “if” the chosen provider will make an error shipping, but rather “when” the company will make an error. The high quality companies just don’t make many of them! So do yourself a favor and find out who will pay for errors when they take place. Highly credible companies will take ownership of any errors that take place and will have a methodology for correcting errors. FINANCIAL VIABILITY Just as in any other industry, businesses come and go in the fulfillment and shipping industry. One good way to make sure that your fulfillment partner will be here to stay is to conduct some sort of financial viability analysis on the company. For example, you can either run a credit check on the company or ask the firm for some financial information. Your main objective is to make sure that they’re a going concern, with a solid financial foundation for the future. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR E-COMMERCE & WEB RETAIL COMPANIES E-commerce fulfillment involves shipping orders that come from an online web store (also known as a shopping cart). There are many web stores and shopping carts to choose from—each with their own programming language and technology. Pick and pack companies that truly focus in on e-commerce fulfillment have the ability to integrate with most shopping carts seamlessly, meaning that they can automatically receive all of your orders from your website as well as send you back any information that you need after the packages are shipped (such as tracking information).INITIAL SET UP This is the stage where you integrate with a fulfillment company. There are certain things that have to be established with order transfers, etc. RECEIVING After you coordinate set up with a 3PL, you’ll send them product that they can keep in inventory to fulfill orders. This is usually a nominal charge in the grand scheme of things. And usually 3PL’s charge on either a per unit basis or an hourly basis. Keep in mind that receiving can include unloading the product, counting It, entering it into their inventory system, and then locating it in bins or stations. One last important point —you could incur other charges if you need additional services, such as bar code labeling, thorough inspection for damage, etc. STORAGE Once inventory has been received, it remains in inventory until an order is placed. This can be one of the most significant costs of outsourced fulfillment. Companies usually charge on a per pallet basis (ranging from a 4’x4’x4’ space to a 4’x4’x6’ space). However, there have been more and more companies charging either a cubic footage fee or a square footage fee. Storage fees are usually average over a month, as inventory can vary depending upon when you receive and ship out your product. Finally, if more sophisticated storage environments are needed, such as temperature controlled, there will be additional costs involved. ORDER FULFILLMENT When your customer orders product, the warehouse will have to go out and pick the order and package it for shipment. This process is referred to as either order fulfillment or pick and pack. Most companies charge one of two ways for this service. First, many companies use a flat per order fee for each order. Second, many companies have opted for a flat per order fee (usually a bit lower) coupled with a per item fee. This way, if the order is smaller or larger, it gets priced SHIPPING Final and one of the largest components of cost is the actual freight charge to get the order from the warehouse to your customer. Whether it’s shipped out on a small package (parcel) basis, LTL (less than truckload), full truckload or international basis, the main premise here is that most fulfillment companies get very good rates from carriers because they ship an aggregate of products of multiple companies. Because of this, you stand to get a much better shipping rate using the warehousing company’s account rather than your own. Usually, logistics firms charge you either a mark up over their cost or a discount off of published rates. If you insist on shipping on your own account, there may be an additional fee from the fulfillment house. This isn’t to overly tax you, but rather for the processing and time involved with shipping a product. There are other fees that might come into play, from returns to account management to box fees and others “Their Website Said They’re Good. So They Must Be” Checking out fulfillment company’s websites can be a great starting place for finding out crucial information that can help you make a great decision. But you can’t believe everything that you read! Your job is to delve deeper – finding out from customers what their experiences have been working with them. Check to see if they have a Better Business Bureau report, talk to their customers, and make sure that they’re willing to memorialize their promises into their contract with you. Oh, and be very careful of websites that claim to rank fulfillment companies. We found that most of these companies aren’t doing what they say – rather, they’re giving the top rankings to the companies that offer the most money for that position…not the company that has the least complaints or does the best job! Words of Wisdom: “Don’t take what anyone says as gospel truth…dive deeper yourself to find out the full truth.” “Fulfillment? I Can’t Afford Fulfillment” So many companies make the mistake of not outsourcing because they believe that they can’t afford the costs of outsourcing with a fulfillment company. Small business owners look at the storage costs and the order fulfillment fees and decide to keep doing it themselves…despite the fact that it means they’ll be either doing the shipping themselves or spending a great deal of time overseeing the process. They simply don’t appropriately understand the “time value of money.” Simply put, you always have to value how well your time is spent. In this case, are you better off slapping shipping labels on packages, or out there closing deals and marketing for your company so that you can grow? You may be losing a great deal of money by spending your time on tasks that are easily outsourced instead of revenue generating tasks for your business. Words of Wisdom: “Instead of thinking ‘I can’t afford fulfillment,’ you might be better off thinking ‘I can’t afford not to outsource my fulfillment.” “Choosing a Company Close By is The Best Option” When it comes to finding a fulfillment company, we may think that we need one that is right next door to us – even though there may not be great fulfillment options in our area. Or even worse, we may insist on a location close to us despite the fact that our location may not be the most ideal distribution point based upon where our suppliers and customers live. Don’t let yourself be the reason for making a bad business decision. Be open-minded about different options. The best fit for a fulfillment company may be slightly further away than you thought, but that extra distance could mean monetary savings and better sleep at night. Words of Wisdom: “Location, location, location is as important n fulfillment as it is i n real estate, so be open to areas outside of your headquarters.” MISTAKE 2 MISTAKE 3 MISTAKE 4 “By Choosing the Company with the Cheapest Rates, I’ll Save” This is easily the biggest reason for failure that we’ve seen over the years. Companies choose a fulfillment company that is “cheapest”, thinking that the short-term profits will lead to the best overall results. And as many times as we’ve seen this, we’ve seen companies pay severely, because oftentimes the company with the lowest pricing has the least amount of technology, lowest controls and metrics, and least amount of customer service. Believe me, the last thing you want to do is have your orders go out wrong or shipped inaccurately. We’re not saying that this is always the case, but usually you get what you pay for. A reasonably priced fulfillment company that can offer better service and fewer errors may very well be worth the additional cost. It could mean monetary savings and better sleep at night. Words of Wisdom: “You get what you pay for.” Deciding what your company will do about fulfillment is vital to the success of your company. Keeping the above 5 factors in mind will start you on the path to making a great decision. Make sure you don’t find yourself saying any of these famous last words so that your company can become the successful business that you hope and dream for. HOW TO KEEP YOUR FULFILLMENT COMPANY IN CHECK You weighed the pros and cons and have made the decision to outsource your fulfillment needs. It would be easy to just relinquish all responsibility to the fulfillment company you have chosen and step away. Most companies do because they don’t have a formal plan to monitor the performance of the fulfillment company. Be very careful because these companies are an extension of your business. Here are some tips for keeping your fulfillment company in check. Focusing on a few critical metrics will provide you with the most balanced view of how both you and the fulfillment company are doing and why. If the fulfillment company isn’t really tracking any performance metrics on your account, then that’s probably a warning sign. Metrics of performance for fulfillment can be:

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What Is The Cheapest Shipping Option – USPS, FedEx Or UPS?
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It has been a while since I’ve done a competitive analysis of the various shipping carriers so I thought I’d do a quick update. With the United States Postal Service jacking up their rates every 4-6 months, what used to be the most economical shipping method is now priced inline or even more expensive than some of the more reliable carriers like UPS or FedEx.

What is the Cheapest Shipping Option USPS, FedEx Or UPSBecause there are so many different shipping variables and options to choose from, it’s difficult to make an apples to apples comparison without locking down some of the basic parameters. For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume the following.

A 14in X 12in X 3in package is being shipped cross country from California to a residence on the east coast. Incidentally, this is the same size as a USPS Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.
Out of the box pricing for all shipping carriers which means that lower negotiated rates based on volume are not taken into account.
Labels are being printed online which means all associated USPS internet discounts apply.
At the end, I’ll also discuss the trade offs between price, shipping time and reliability and give my take on the best shipping strategy.

If You Are Shipping Something 2 Lbs Or Heavier With A 5 Day Delivery Window…
FedEx Ground or UPS Ground will almost always be cheaper than USPS Priority Mail. Between FedEx and UPS, FedEx will be cheaper than UPS out of the box because they provide you with an instant 15% off all shipments just for creating an online account(Note: The level of discount will vary but there’s always a discount program).

Update: As of 2016, both UPS and FedEx are now charging for what is called “dimensional weight”. Basically what this means is that if your package is large or oversized, then the shipping charges will be drastically increased.

The dimensional weight calculation for UPS is currently L*W*H/166. So for example, if your package is 20X20X20 and weighs 10 pounds, then you would be charged for a package weighing 20*20*20/166 = 49 lbs instead of 10 lbs. Otherwise, packages below 5184 cubic feet will be cheaper than USPS in this category.

The only exception to the above rule is that USPS offers 3 flat rate box shipping options, small, medium and large. If you can manage to shove merchandise that is heavier than 2lbs into a small flat rate box (unlikely), you can save about 4 dollars.

However more realistically, you will need a medium flat rate box to ship something weighing 2lbs or more. The break even point between FedEx or UPS Ground and a Priority Mail flat rate medium box is about 4 lbs.

The break even point for a large Priority Mail flat rate box is about 7 lbs. So if your item is heavier than 4lbs, use a USPS flat rate medium box.

If you need a large flat rate Priority Mail box, make sure it’s heavier than 7 lbs. Otherwise, FedEx or UPS Ground will always be cheaper.

Note: You can receive significant discounts on USPS shipping by signing up for a ShippingEasy account. ShippingEasy also works with FedEx and UPS so you can easily compare shipping prices. Plus it’s free for up to 50 shipments per month!

If You Are Shipping Items Under 2 Pounds…
USPS will always be cheaper than FedEx or UPS hands down. However as the weight creeps closer to 2 pounds, USPS pretty much reaches pricing parity with UPS and FedEx Ground.USPS really shines when your package weighs less than 13 oz and can be mailed via First Class mail. If you don’t care about reliability, USPS is by far the cheapest shipping option for light items.

If You Need Next Day Service…
USPS Express is once again the cheapest solution by far and it is guaranteed. The only problem with USPS Express mail is that sometimes the delivery window is 2 days and you won’t know unless you check online.

USPS also doesn’t offer a morning delivery time so if your client needs something at the beginning of the business day, they are out of luck.

I’ve also discovered that USPS Express Mail is less reliable than FedEx or UPS Next Day Service. While they “guarantee” their delivery times, what this really means is that they’ll refund your money if the package is delivered late.

This has happened to me several times already and a shipping refund doesn’t make up for having an angry customer.

If You Need a 2-3 Day Delivery Window…
It is unclear which delivery service is better if you need 2-3 day delivery because USPS doesn’t guarantee their delivery times for Priority or First Class Mail.

So while USPS Priority Mail cites a 2-3 day typical delivery time, it could be slower or faster depending on various unknown factors.

In my experience, I’ve had some Priority Mail packages delivered within a single day and I’ve seen delivery times as long as 1.5 weeks. While the latter tends to be an anomaly, overall the delivery speed is somewhat random.

FedEx and UPS however, always guarantee their delivery times but are significantly more expensive. In some cases, FedEx and UPS will cost you will over 2X the cost of USPS.

My Take On The 3 Carriers
While USPS is the cheapest shipping carrier in most cases, their reliability is easily the worst among the 3 carriers. Our online store primarily uses USPS because most of our orders are under 2 pounds. But we routinely get packages delayed or lost in the mail.

This past few months alone, we have had 3 customers email us wondering where the hell their order was. Given our volumes, 3 customers is probably statistically insignificant but having to deal with any unhappy customers is a pain in the neck.

While we don’t check on the status of all of our orders, I can tell you from experience that the quoted delivery times from USPS for both First Class and Priority Mail are completely hit or miss. If you are sending a package to some podun, middle of no where town, it’s more likely to get delayed. Meanwhile, I’ve yet to ever have a FedEx or UPS package delayed or lost. In the end, it comes down to reliability vs cost. For light items, USPS is the cheapest if that is your goal. For heavier items >2lbs in which delivery time is not a factor, FedEx or UPS Ground is the cheapest.It’s the 2-3 day delivery window where you have to weigh the trade offs. Do you value reliability? Is actual transit time a concern? If you need a package to be delivered on time, use FedEx or UPS. If you are trying to save money, use USPS.

Our online store offers a mix of both. By default, we use USPS shipping to keep the shipping costs low (our items are typically under 2 lbs). However, if a customer has a tight deadline, we use FedEx. Speaking from experience, the savings of using USPS is not worth the hassle of pissing off a customer if there’s a deadline.

But it’s tough decision to make because customers are typically turned off by high shipping costs. Of course, the other option is always to raise your prices and lose money on shipping. You have to make the call.

Cheapest Way To Ship USPS
If you decide to use USPS as your primary shipping carrier, the cheapest way to go is to use a service like lets you print “First Class” postage from your printer (the USPS website does not allow this) and offers significant discounts on practically every service that the United States Postal Service offers.However, you’ll experience the most savings if you ship a lot of Priority Mail or Express Mail orders. The best part is that the service is completely free for up to 50 shipments per month. In addition, shipping with FedEx, UPS and DHL is all nicely integrated into so you only need a single tool to ship across all carriers.Check them out. We use them as our primary shipping tool.Cheapest Way To Ship FedEx Or UPS
The only way to get a better deal on FedEx or UPS is to negotiate. Of course, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can and will ship in volume but that shouldn’t be too hard if you run an online store. Ideally, you should pick one carrier and focus on them. In my experience, UPS seems to be a bit hungrier than FedEx for your business so they may be more willing to negotiate. But your mileage may vary. Don’t be too shy to pick up a phone and speak to a sales rep. Good luck!

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COMMENT NAVIGATION← OLDER COMMENTS  Ed GormeYou have it about right. UPS is more expensive but when I get a package UPS has always been reliable. The tracking provides an accurate sense where the package is. When it’s listed as ‘out for delivery’ I get the package that day 99% of the time.

USPS is a lot cheaper, probably because it can lose billions each year (the usual gov’t incompetence), but the service is pathetic. It’s not so much that they lose packages as that the delivery is very unreliable. If I order stuff with an expedited or 2 day ship from a vendor and they send it UPS, it’ll almost arrive in 2 days. If they send it USPS, it could be 2 days or 2 weeks. The USPS ship tracker lists vague messages that often have no location (not that it matters much anyway since the package can be in your town and you still may not receive it for a few business days).

In sum: If you want the lower cost and don’t care when it arrives, maybe USPS makes sense. Otherwise, go UPS.
I have had USPS Priority take a week, but then again I have also had a 1st class letter mailed from Michigan on a Saturday, arrive in Florida on the Monday, less than 48 hours later. You never know. UPS and FedEx are certainly more consistent.
Stephnie Walter
This information is very useful! There are many options to choose from..

I wanted to find a good shipping company in Sri Lanka but it was a bit hard to find one, especially one which has a good website with the information that I wanted. After going through some research from Shipping communities in Sri Lanka, I managed to find one: Lanka Marine Services (LMS). They are one of the oldest and well-known shipping company in the country which has so many other services too. You can view them here: this helps anyone who wants to find one in Sri Lanka. :) REPLY Mark McKelvy Well SocialPost (launching Q4 2017) is expected to be much cheaper than USPS, as fast as FedEx and more accountable than DHL…
REPLY Ranjit SinghWhen are you launching this service? I want to try something cheaper and faster than usps. Thanks for your response in advance.REPLY MarkHey Ranjit,

Hopefully if everything goes well, we should have an alpha product for testing sometime around December of this year.

If you are interested in the service and want more information, shoot me your email address and I will provide.

Remove the underscores card_guys_3@_gm_ail._co_m Diane Otero i found that usps is the best fedex always made up an excuse ups was ok,used them a few times. fedex ground depends on the person that owns the route . fedex 16 $ for a 3 day letter . usps 6 certified . usps won. REPLYMarkDiane, USPS is often the most affordable. Something even cheaper is coming. Using proprietary technology, SocialPost is able to undercut USPS.Stay tuned  REPLYShipesusa Cheapest way to ship from USA to Pakistan we give you best rate in the world you can visit this site.https://shipexusa.comREPLY Thanks for blog about the cheapest shipping option. I thinks it’s really hepful for all of us who need shipping services for any type of relocation. REPLYDan >Otherwise, packages below 5184 cubic feeCubic inches. A 53′ semi trailer holds about 4000 cu feet.
REPLY Hilary Walsh “USPS really shines when your package weighs less than 13 oz and can be mailed via First Class mail. If you don’t care about reliability, USPS is by far the cheapest shipping option for light items.” The 13 oz rule is old old old news. The new limit is 16 oz but don’t go a smidgen over. Additionally our business has been shipping 1000s of items per year with less than 1% having reliability issues. You have to define what reliability means for you and buy the mail class that fits your definition. Express mail is usually 1 day, priority mail is usually 2 days but can be 3 and other mail classes are 7-10 days. Express and priority come with $50 insurance included. When you buy postage online you get a discount and if you have a 3rd party postage application you get a better discount and regional flat rate boxes that can save you a lot of money. You also get free boxes/envelopes for express and priority mail  REPLY Gil Carrick Your site says “Otherwise, packages below 5184 cubic feet will be cheaper than USPS in this category.” Surely you mean cubic inches.